Friday, November 20, 2009

Spirit of MumBAI ~ itz juss isn’t der.

With 26 / 11 nearing, we hear all sorta news channels coming out with slogan “MumBAI is Back ~ Spirit of Mumbai Never dies”. I say what the heck, what was done post 26 / 11, was just a survival necessity and nothing do with the spirit.
If one is slapped and still keeps his face smiling is not what we call spirit. The need is to give it back or at the least avoid further slap. But what we have done, we were been attacked, we are attacked and with this attitude we will be continually attacked, For we just forget the episode and move on rather than taking lessons from it.
I just experienced the BAD spirit of MumBAI and to be honest I unwantedly became part of this looser spirit.
A victim of rash driving was left there to die not only by the driver but even by the by-standers. Not being pompous or bragging, but I wanted to help and I even tried to. I asked my cabbie driver to turn the vehicle and take the victim to hospital on my guarantee and I was willing to face police procedures, the driver just speeded the vehicle and I was pushed out of the site also the people around the site started walking fast. Well I could have stopped and get down the cab to help; but as said I was also grouped in those impotent spirited individuals. Some where down in me the fear of facing problem alone took high grade on my willing to help. Point remains even I didn’t do anything and remained stupidly heartless and worthless Mumbaikar. Only take away , after 30 minutes when i mustered courage to revisit the site, in another cab, the victim was not there, I m in hope he was taken to hospital and is alive. but point remains, I was useless then
If to vote only 43% after 26 / 11 is the spirit of Mumbai then I don’t want to b part of this spirit. To turn away from the dying person and then behaving as nothing has happened, if this is the spirit of Mumbai, then I am ashamed not only of being MumbaiKAR but I am ashamed of myself as well as given the opportunity I joined the crowd of impotents and shouting the slogan “Spirit of Mumbai Never dies even if a Mumbaikar dies”