Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lokpal Movement n unwarranted BUZZ around it

Lokpal bill has been surrounded by controversy – while there can’t be justification for controversy or even justification to cover up the controversy as well. But the issue is a bit larger than expected knee jerk solutions. I am not going to get into details of the accusations and attest my validation / authentication that these allegations from most sceptical personalities hold any ground or not. The allegations are personal in nature and individual will / should defend themselves. I advocate just the bill, if there is problem with Bill we should discuss that, ONLY that.

Also important aspect to be remembered is, whom are we (INDIANS supporting IaC) fighting with? Although we are fighting against corruption at ground level from Rs. 50 to Rs.10 lakh crore, from cheat clerk to crook politicians, we must well cement it in our brain, we are dealing with the bunch of people, who can put rhino to shame with the thickness of their skin and we need to admit about their smartness. TO TAKE THE CASE OF THIS BUNCH ONLY EMOTIONS AND MOMENTARY DISPLAY OF UNITY WILL NOT WORK, WHAT WE NEED IS SELF BELIF, TRUST, PATIENCE, FOCUS, PERSISTENCE AND VIGILANCE IN LONG WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION AND CORRUPT.

CONGRESS and its allies in corruption understand very well, how to beat round the bush and fool us, Indians. They have ruled (not governed) India post Independence for 80%+ time, is no less achievement for them, but utter shame on us, we Indians.

Now let’s be back on Lokpal bill and its controversies around. For the people of INDIA, we need to understand, our life is NOT a sop opera that we need to have twist and turn every 5 minutes or we will get restless in a long struggle. All that is required is, we need to be patient, persistent along with being vigilant. How can our trust in a movement be so fickle that a paid news / dubious person can draw us out from the fight which led us to go hungry for a day or even days and that too for a cause we believed in? The dramatization has made INDIAN life pathetic, this instant solution attitude is nothing but screwing up the foundations.

Media for the un-written commandment from CONGRESS, desperation for TRP and masala entertainment, gives air to shallow allegations and then run their channel for whole day over it. The prime motive is to confuse and divide people. FOR media, koi jeeye ya mare, kuch acha ho ya boora ho – DRAMA must go on at cost of people, you and me – included. Are we so naive to believe that CONGRESS would not have come out with such tricks to derail the government when we supported the movement, (question goes to so-called educated and/or experienced lot). As said earlier, I am not dishing out these allegations as false or even authenticating them to true, for I hold no power, I can just hold my personal opinion.  The important thing is demand for bill should not be diluted- THATS IT.

As of now all we need is to show solidarity to the movement people, and also subtly inform the IaC decision makers that, “WE ARE WATCHING YOU AS WELL”. And we people should also be confident, also that if anything is found truthful these people can be replaced, power is with you and me, hence we shouldn’t be fearful but at same time we can’t afford to be hyper at everything planted in front of us. If we have supported a movement or if we had aspired such movement to save us from corruption, courtesy demands a bit more of trust, if nothing more.  The kind of dhamkis / conditions, “DO THIS, else I WILL NOT SUPPORT” has to stop. WE SHOULD NOT BE A PUPPY of CONG’s dirty trick to let the movement derail.

CONGRESS very well knows, if this movement fails, then it can be rest assured that until next couple of generation they are safe from public anger, as INDIANS will lose confidence on mass movement, because, if movement of such a level cant change than what will? We need to understand - if this movement fails, who will lose and who will gain? - Anna hazare and his gang will not be winner or loser, it is WE INDIANS, whose fight against corruption might lose the steam, and get back into cuccon of "yehi hota hai n sab chalta hai".

If you have issues with the IaC, Panel, or whatever, then make yourself heard, get heard. IF that is also not possible, start a fresh campaign with smoothening out all the LOOP HOLES. For I can guarantee, people were on ground to fight against corruption, and there is no monopoly over this fight. Why don’t this arm-chair chartlenders make an effort to do good of the so-called mistakes committed in the IaC movement. It’s just like reliance ad – “Yaha advice muft mein milti hai.”

HENCE WE SHOULD BE ANGRY, but channelizing our ANGER is equally important and we should also know whom we are helping by our actions.