Friday, July 29, 2011

Dr. Swamy v/s Sickulars

Currently, In the flurry of articles and counter articles erupting, where some are showing legality, few others are referring to angles of culpability against Dr. Swamy and then there are many to support / endorse either the idea of Dr. Swamy or the fundamental right of Dr. Swamy to voice his opinion (while they still may not be concurring to the Dr. Swamy’s idea). The self claimed seculars have yet again polarised the genuine concern of Dr. Swamy, leaving very little room for sensible discussion or understanding and most importantly solving the problem, Islamic Terrorism. The pseudo-liberals yet again succeeded in putting the uncomfortable topic under the carpet and created situation, where in the technicality is been discussed with apologist mentality in general, rather than an attempt to solve the grave problem, Islamic terrorism. The fact is world at large be it Asia, Europe, US or Australia, each and every inch of this scarce land on planet earth has been affected by so called Islamic terrorism, directly or Indirectly, covertly  or overtly. The one who denies this fact is either lying or immune to reality or trying to reason out with horrid justifications. But none will have the galls to discuss the issue or how to resolve this Impending issue in front of the world which if not restricted can be a big question mark on the happy existence of peace and world in totality.

The idea if embraced or raped at swiftness of dropping a pin is always disastrous. This problem holds true for either side and even for those few who were trying unsuccessfully to pretend neutral or immune. The idea of Dr. Swamy’s idea as I can understand was to aim in solving Islamic terrorism’s grave issue for his and for my or rather OUR country, India. As far as his respect to various religions is concerned, his son-in-law is from Muslim community and wife from Zoroastrian / Parsi community. Even if, he has no relation with individual who hails from another community doesn’t make him fascist or takes away his fundamental right to voice his opinion in betterment of his country, where seditious scoundrels go free hand in abusing country right in the capital of India. The pseudo secularist sadly doesn’t know or understand either secularism or hindutva.

Secularism – The idea is pretty old where it was to de-link Church from the administration of state, and nothing more – rest all in humbuk and tom toming to suit the convenience the horrid thinking of bunch, who has this elitist arrogance of holier-than-thou.
And then there is another idiotic bunch tries to do away with religion (this bunch is not atheist, who has clarity, but this bunch is of confused irrationals). First and foremost to this confused soul who denounce religion as myth, I would like to say - if religion is not to be given importance only on the excuse that it is man-made and nothing divine in it, then the emotion to feel enraged / angered over brutal murder of closed one is also man-made. The emotion of humiliation and anger in the women or her closed one when some nuisance person molests / eve-teases / rapes is also man-made, and there is nothing called as divine doctrine which teaches that ‘how a person should act in certain manner in particular situation’, Hence thrashing religion by terming as man-made is stupid all the more squashing religious faith without having capacity to understand is futile. By the way, the emotions discussed above over the untoward events discussed are in abundance in me, and rightly so, but I also accept the religion to be supreme.

Hindutva – The word ‘Hindu’ or ‘Hindutva’ as I understand and many believes is beyond the definition of certain –ism. Hindu is much beyond religion. It is also a regional identity and not just limited to certain faith of a world’s oldest sect Hindutva goes a stretch further. Hindu is symbol of centuries old culture and philosophy that took birth and roots in this country, which is not just another piece of land. For instance, an Australian, can be a person who follows any religion of his choice, but he cannot denounce the tag of being Australian. Now coming to narrow aspect pertaining to the Indian pseudo seculars will happily term Ape to be his fore-father, by referring to ‘Theory of Evolution’ but will not go to their history books to understand , Sanatan Dharma – a faith was prevalent many centuries before Islam –ISM and Christian-ITY came in to existence and came to India. Hence proved their knowledge is hollow and discriminative.

Now coming to the main part of Dr. Swamy’s article which aimed solely on eradication of a problem of terrorism ~ Islamic terrorism.  None of the pseudo seculars have given a solution or attempted to discuss the issue of terrorism which is erupting on exponential manner. The one who disagrees with the solution method of Dr. Swamy, also can in no logical state deny or disagree to the looming threat of Islamic terrorism. Hence, I am amazed to see these seculars rubbishing the article at drop of the hat, while they are very zealous and enthusiastic in rubbishing the method suggested in the article and not making attempt to offer the alternate method (which I am pretty sure, they are lacking it). The self claimed liberals should first go and think and then attempt to pen down thoughts over how to eradicate this fascism emerging out of Islamism, instead of trying to use camouflage in attempt to sound secular. I will urge liberals / seculars to come out with solid alternate solution for problem which Dr. Swamy has written article on - Islamic terrorism. The technicalities or displeasure which liberals have on usage of certain words can be tackled later (however, I personally don’t see any untoward usage of words been there, yet will give seculars this discount to get opportunity of being heard, But only after they provide solution).

Finally, what is most clearly evident is the possibility that in hating Hindu faith so much so that the self claimed liberals are not ready to accept something called as Islamic terrorism, for if seculars deny existence of Islamic terrorism, I guess no neurologist can take care of them. Now as far as science is concerned, there is law in physics, which mentions, ‘Every action has equal and opposite reaction’. The pseudo seculars must thank that this law has not been enforced by sensible people over the atrocities enforced on them by this fascist who incidentally belongs to Islam. Also, they should understand that time has come where covering Islamic terrorism is over, Now it’s the action which has to attempted, to safeguard OUR country. The best answer from liberals which is the most idiotic is that, to remove one type of extremism, we should not motivate others, they are rightly so. But Dr. Swamy talks of no extremism. Only the failed secularist tries to package the Dr. Swamy’s article as communalist. When the article is read with neutral and sane mind, one will find very difficult connect something written in it as wrong, maligned or distorted and even offensive. Neither the opposition of conversion is wrong nor is acknowledging the regional identity flawed. Pakistan is enemy and has ulterior motive has to be accepted as soon as possible to secure the sovereignty of India, and every step must be taken under the sun to Protect India’s interest, there can be no “If’s” and “But’s” there. Enough of the nonsense of the liberals who have neither solved the problem nor have brought something better for India. The apologist should be once asked to be quiet and let there be no mincing word in calling what is correct as correct and right as right.

Hence before terming Dr. Swamy’s article as obnoxious, get the basics right and set the priorities in proper order. Dr. Swamy actually identified the problem right and in his capacity he gave solution, which has been right and accepted & hailed by plenty (The sole problem of seculars, as for them to detect problem and provide solution is only their forte).The right thinking Indian will support Dr. Swamy either for identifying the problem or for providing the solution or for both, like many Indians.


  1. The issue that confronts the pseudo secular and the left liberals is that some one has spoken up with clarity ans specifics.

    These two type of Indians are so accustomed to having their their say and way, feel absolutely helpless and exposed.

    Their concern is what if the people of this country feel emboldened by Dr. Swamy's article and start to question this breed who have enjoyed a free run.

    Lack of ability to counter by way of articles or critique is apparent. The hue & cry will go on for some time. Freedom of speech & expression cant be denied. Nor can the debate be made subjective.

    Carry on writing.

    Anil Kohli

  2. I read Dr.Swamy's article keenly and came to the conclusion that discussion of solution, like u said above is very much necessary, and many of the people who are against the article don't have any solution,I agree with you till this point.Now, the real deal is can this solution be applied in so conservation society,like ours? The solution is straight no, you also know that.
    What Dr.Swamy has said is his fundamental right and he is right by putting forward the solution so vehemently and valiantly, but I can bet this and will chop my head off if even 30% of his solution can be used, his idea is impractical in today's India.The article is not extreme or communal, but looking at Indian society and mindset of people today it becomes or ostensibly extreme or communal.Article published, got reviews that's it, solution remains on paper. Now according to me if we go according to law then we must hang all the terrorists as it clearly comes under rarest of rare cases and declaration of war against the state, we instead of showing to the world that if we can get hold og afzal guru,azmal kasab, german bakery blast, we can also kill them, after torturing them.Showing our inadvertent behaviour to the world, and our PM being super benevolent in nature, each country knows that its easy to attack India, even if you get caught India will spend crores for the security of terrorists, this image has to be changed, this is the solution.So that people fear us of being callous towards terrorists.
    Believe it or not America has come strong on the face of terror, by killing osama, or by checking any politician, celebrity or diplomat at airports, they don't care people take it in what spirit, they do their duties and now USA is peaceful, this is the fact, they have shown that how hard they are is it comes to the safety of their country.This behaviour of India has to come out, this is the solution.We have to project ourselves as punching bags, that's it.What modi did, could be termed right as per the situation, but he still suffers with that blot till today, irrespective of his enormous development in Gujrat, so similarly what Dr.Swamy is saying is not at all practical as per present scenario,everyone who is favors him or against him, knows it clearly.

  3. Dr. Swamy has raised an important concern for the Hindu Society which should have been raised long back. But I feel the solution he offers is an example of the same old Hindu mentality of 'Islam is good but Muslims are the one to be blamed for the violence' idea.

    This is a dangerous position and is no different from that of the secular liberals. Religion is a pretty broader term. And we have to go specifically for understanding how the followers of certain religions will behave. Coming to Islamic terrorism, Is the Islamic terrorists doing anything differnt from that of their prophet, Muhammad and the Islamic rulers all these years. 1400 years of Islamic history is just filled with blood. Just a glance of Quran and Islamic hadiths will provide a key to this problem. Quran mentions the word disbeliever more than 6000 times. Muhammad as shown by hadiths is a mad man who raided and killed many in the name of Allah. Islam is no differnt from a cult. The terrorists themselves make their intention clear of making the whole world Dar-ul-Islam. So, How do we go about solving this problem? Even rightists do not understand this completely and go on targeting muslims. It should be clear that, Muslims are not the problem but their religion. We have to take the stand taken by Ex-Muslims like Ali Sina and Wafa Sutlan.

    When the Hadiths and Quran are discussed in public, the filth in them will come to light and also the direct correlation between what is written in Quran and the intolerant character of Muslims and Islamic communities will be self evident. Muslims will have no option other than to leave Islam out of shame. Hindus have always been debating ideas of other relgions. They have to do the same with Islam. The root of the problem of Islam Fundamentalism is in the fundamentals of Quran. Strike there and the whole edifice of Islam will fall. One good example of this effective strategy, Internet has helped many in the Islamic countries and all over the world to leave Islam. Faith freedom International, Internet movement of Ex Muslims movement is gaining momentum. Hope Islam will be soon put into its coffin.

  4. his janta party was janta less till now. but now he is getting attention

  5. Nice explanation for the word Hindutva.

  6. Good post Jaymin! Tried to put things in perspective. Hinduism is the most accepting of faiths and recognises the diversity of religious paths. In even the most liberal Islamic country, there is no doubt in the minds of any visitor there that the state religion is Islam. There is nothing wrong in saying that India is made up of people whose ancestors were Hindus and the people living here accept that while following any religious path that they choose. Swamy has said this in his book "Hinduism Under siege" and has only taken portions of his thoughts in the article.
    If our own people do not have any pride in their origin, they are only slaves of some other culture. and slaves are simply sold and bought by their masters!

  7. Dr. Swamy surely has right to share his thoughts

  8. very good article. I wish people can see the truth and reality among all the disinformation the media is feeding people.

  9. I would go with what Voltaire had said long ago. I may not agree in entirety what Swamy had penned in that op-ed article. But I stand here to defend his right to free speech.

    That said, I also would also take a bow to the newspaper's solemn decision to publish that article and kick start a thought process that had long been buried by the free press in name of practicing secular journalism.

    Aditya Sinha of DNA deserves our praise for his bold decision. And we even need to defend his right to free press.

    Secular journalism has brought a new culture dumbed down version of free press.

    George Washington had said that if freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, [as we are now currently by this secular media] like the sheep to the slaughter house. We have by keeping mum, allowed ourselves to the sound of tireless voices around us, whereas we deserve to hear the music of our own opinions.

    In other countries where liberty is the sole virtue of their democracy, the majority raises formidable barriers around the liberty of opinion within which an author's free opinion is allowed to flourish. That said, the author also keeps himself within these liberty barriers. Rightly so, as Marshall Lumsden had opined once that at no time is freedom of speech more precious than when a man hits his thumb with a hammer!

    But in our free country, barriers are often blurred to suit the polity. A book is often banned in one state based on the vote bank politics of that state's ruling class, whereas the same book is freely sold in other states!

    In our country when it suits the political society, we allow Taslima Nasreen to settle down here to show-case our free speech culture. But the same Taslima is sent out packing when it doesn't suit political climate!

    As someone had said, 'every man has a right to say what s/he thinks truth and every other person has a right to knock him down for it. And martyrdom is the test!

    Time alone will demonstrate us in Swamy Vs Secular case as to who stand to be martyred. And no prizes for guessing with who the people will stand shoulder to shoulder.

  10. HINDU ,Yes I am.But I don't know much of English,can't put my views in diplomatically polite language, I mean I can speak & write plain & simple only.

    Many are Hindus.Simple & simple speaking people, simple living people, more than 1/6th of Humanity around the globe. Besides India Hindus also live in Nepal, ,Mauritius SriLanka Mal-dive, NewZealand, Fiji, Tibet, Thailand and Cambodia,Singapore. Burma, Singapore, Cambodia, THailand,South Africa & many more South African Countries; & in mostly all parts of globe.

    Nowadays many a Hindu preachers/saints/organizations like Brahm kumaris, Art of Living, Vivekananda Foundation, Ramakrishna Foundations ,Swaminarayan's, Gurudwaras ,Buddhism preachers& many others from India are all over the globe, Including in US,& CANADA & most of all EUROPE.

    Each & every sect has it's own followings,each & every sect teaches kindness, harmonies of humans & life,& to live in harmony.Mostly all teach how to live peacefully, healthy,(physically & mentally)no competition with each other for the right path /ideology & bloodshed in between them.

    Followers are happy, joyful,stress less & have accepted the kindness, mercy,helping each other & many many harmonies as purpose of life.

    Someone from Harvard must get a survey of Hindu teachings & it's impact on life not only in India, but around the globe.

    Hindus have by nature much much adaptability to accept any religion, it's preachers/followers subject to kindness etc;etc;goodies are there.e.g.; Mother Teressa,even being a Christian, Hindus accepted her in a way of their own, One & unique.

    SO the wise people associated with Harvard & around the globe are requested to please compare Hindu sects, Nationality with Islam & it's preachers, teachings.
    Bloodshed even among the various sects of it's Own Islam ideology is a common fenomina, be it Pakistan's countryside or anywhere else.
    Teaching are Biased >Even school Books & Madarassa teachings In Pakistan & around the globe must be analyzed thoroughly for the future of mankind & Humanity..So much of ha tress in the name of religion.

    I hope American People still remembers one Saint from India, Who addressed Chicago religion seminar, nearly a century ago ,& then in that Era, Americans admired him.He was respected as greatest among the others.

    Hindus are always like that.Simple & simple speaking/living people, loves &pray to the Earth,Sky,Ocean,River,Forests, Sun, Moon, Air, Water,"Vanaspati",or everything in Universe which is of a utility to mankind.

    Please analyze Hindu Living as a whole with that of Islam.;for the sake of Humanity as a whole.

    Harvard Platform must be utilized only to discuss love,kindness,or other goodies,not ha-tress coated with sweet ideology etc;.

    Sincerely your's,
    A simple living Hindu (,who with whole Hindu Nationality are most likely on terror list for elimination from Planet Earth)

  11. Mahendra Patel


    India is at stage after 63 years of independence where majority community systemetically devided on Cast and quota systemfor vote bank politics and no sane voice exposed this systematic fooling of majority.

    I agree S.Swami's analysis and recommendation as far as curbing terrorism fostered by Indian Muslim in cahoot with external muslim community.

    Now here are my take on Issue on Quota Raj, that system has outlived it's utility after 63 Years after Independence, We have to abolish this over night as most divisive scheme to break cohesion of India, way to replace it by Economic need based.

    Now Fixing Constitution , It has been ammended numerous times and should be fixed to declare as
    Hindu nation,and name should be changed to Bharat or Hindustan.

    Now let's go to Indian Villages about &0% of India,We need to Provide, Internate connections, a Town hall where both social and Relious activities shold be alloved Includding renting or Giving out for Marriage and other social use, this will make Community Homogeneous and Prosperous.

    India as Nation should oppose any grand scheme without any infrastructure and Plugging all Leaks, for Food Security, Etc. These are out right source for BIG CORRUPTION.

    Let's think Positive and Pro-active, stand to Build a Strong Vibrant Nation.

    Mahendra Patel

  12. As it is stated by many so called moderate-muslims, the problem lies in mis-interpretation of Koran and other religious text...

    Then why don't these people from the Muslim community come forward acknowledge the problem and release the correct version of the Koran and other religious books and declare all other versions unsuitable and ban them...

    I feel, as no one has made such an attempt till date, there are some basic flaws in these Islamic texts and the muslim community has to acknowledge the same and initiate a process for removal of these flaws, a basic example can be removal of the word "Kafir" as non-believer and also the suggested treatment to be given to non-believers...

    Also Muslim's as per my limited experience are very good in the areas of Air conditoners , Automobiles and may be many more areas... the madrasas should be converted to impart ,ore techincal and useful education instead of only religious education.. the exposure to religious education should be less... and exposure to techincal/usefull education should be more...

    And all of the above needs to be initiated from within the Muslim Community only then there can be some hope..

    Dr Swamy's suggestions are good but seem to be impractical in the current senario..

  13. India is being hijacked in the name of secularism. Dr. Swami is the only shining light and hope for now. If he is silenced, we all will be silenced by the thugs ruling from Delhi.

  14. Jay, a timely blog in the heat of matters as it were.

    That I totally agree with you is needless to be said. The the various comments augmenting your sentiment is proof enough of the sentiments prevalent not just on Dr. Swamy's subject but as a dejected Hindu on the whole.

    It is plain truth that both Islam and Christianity in India owes itself to the direct 'conversion' that took places over the centuries, mostly out of compulsion, some out of desire. Regardless, to ignore one's forefathers, deny their respectful ancestry and latch on to a ignominious claim of "divine origin", in India, is not just sufficient reason for smirking but detestable. It is a fact that there is not a SINGLE Muslim or Christian, in INDIA, who can claim roots more to their divine origin than thanks to the valuable sperm of a kind Hindu. That they opt to live in this preposterous lie is a different matter all together. They belong to monolithic, man made, iconoclastic religions having all the vagaries and fantasies human beings have. They can not be a distant mile closer to the humble philosophies Hinduism imparts through Santana Dharma, nor can they comprehend, because their dogma is not revealed, but rigid. Over centuries they have begun to bring in the word 'revealed' to camouflage the sordid contents of their 'holy book' which only perpetrates violence as the only option for survival and degrades women to just a child bearing machine.

    Dr. Swamy is not just right, he is a thousand fold right. There was nothing degrading, blasphemous, inciting, provoking or demeaning in his letter addressed to the Muslims of India. All he stated was facts and a suggestion to improve the fundamentals of a united India from its current parochial polarized form of existence. He just amplified the sentiment of 'Nation first', a sentiment lacking in these two dogmas - sadly. Some of his pivotal points highlighted a measure of positivity as to how easily the Nation at large could circumvent this polarization. So what is wrong in that? Why even read it as a threatening and cacophonous unless some elements within want to project it as such and score mileage?

    And this is exactly what has happened in Dr. Swamy's instance too. Nothing more than this can be expected of a religion that cries foul & fatwa at anything that 'THEY' feel insinuating because of its insular outlook. This is abundantly utilized to its maximum by those political parties that amplify such issues in the name of petty vote bank politics. In fact, it is the defiance of established authority, religious and secular, social and political, as a world-wide phenomenon that assists provocation of otherwise ignorable candidness of Dr. Swamy.

    And to sum up, what is secular? There is nothing near to what secular means in its right context in comparison to what is present INDIA. It has become a word for the several illiterate MPs like Yadavs, Paswans, Diggys, Rauls et al to use at will and desire without even knowing an iota of its meaning. You ask them - I bet - the answer will be Hindu / Muslim Unity.

    The root cause for violent disharmony around the world in general and India in particular has been the rigidity of minority religions, their exclusion from society, their barbaric beliefs outrageously obsolete and not pertinent to the present day world and their fanaticism. In India, Minorities, especially Muslims, are spoon fed and blessed with behemothic privileges granted in the name of vote bank politics predominantly by the Congress Party at the Center and several regional parties at the State level. A mere 18% has eroded into the cultural, social and religious fabric of our Nation and managed to alter the balance. Hindus, by and large due to their disunity, has catered to this erosion. Politics has played a vast part too in erosion.

    Under this context, one Dr.Swamy is a Saint and Savior of not only the religion but also the Nation!

    Thanks Jay!