Friday, January 22, 2010

IPL snub ... is it really a SNUB

After reading to reactions from Pakistan and few Indian ex-players and Media, I just wonder, Is this event of leaving paki players, so imp to create such a hooplah

I guess, people of both the countries are over emotional. This ISSUE is blown out of proportion more so by media and politicians for their own GAINS.

1. ONLY 1 Australian was purchased in IPL, even India has tension with OZ on topic of Attacks on India... But u never saw any OZ minister coming out and shouting of discrimination.

2. IPL is more of a business than a cricket; wat the owner will look is will they get full service of a particular player for the price he is been paid.
Again If Pakistan government wants their players to come, will they guarantee no nonsense during IPL and that their players would be available to India for entire season, and If not are they ready to reimburse the loses

3. Terrorist and Few Political out fits are raring to disrupt the smoothness of IPL if paki and OZ players were to b included; Instead Pakistani players are guaranteed safety from emotional violence which could have occurred due to inaction of their government
If Pakistan government is so desperate to send their players, then security of their player should b their head ache; CUZ we don't want; if they r desperate to come, look after for your own self.
Pakistani government want Indian money, Indian security and guarantee, but complete inaction toward sentiments of India

4. The people who are saying Politics and Sports is not to be mixed, can they answer why was South Africa banned for 17 years?? (It was cuz of their racism POLICY) and Why was Zimbabwe recently stripped off, why many countries decided against going to Zimbabwe in 2007-2009, it was purely protest against Dictatorship.
So y b hypocrite in justifying the BAN of South Africa and Going GAGA over BUSINESS decision of IPL owners.

5. Lastly no players are representing their country in IPL, they r representing only India. So nothing is against any country. It is to b cautious and safe then to risk life of foreign players (read pakistani and OZ)

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