Saturday, March 6, 2010

MF Hussain ... WTF

At the outset, This blog is written by a Proud HINDU who is Indian first. Also the thoughts presented here are by no means mixed with religious inclination.

An artist thinks ahead of time
.”- Hussain. He is right, I do agree with him. An artist with his thought at higher bar from society always gives direction to society. Leonardo da Vinci, when he painted Mona LISA wanted to convey through smile of lady the kind of mythic embodiment of eternal femininity. He had the message and the reason for Mona LISA painting is still considered to be greatest art. Take another recent example of Taslima, when she should be supported for her idea towards freeing women is something to admire of. Her writings too has message for the society. An art is above all religion. It is to be respected beyond boundaries of religion or ideology. But an artist too has some responsibilities, no TOM, DICK or Harry and Harry’s brother can use art as disguise to project his dirt filled mind.

If Hussain believes his art of uncivilized portrait of GODDESS has some message or meaning, why has he not come out and explained it. Just by using parallels of other great artist one can never get away from his nonsense work.

Hussain is not targeted because he is a muslim or old artist, but because he insulted GOD. The intellectual media who tries to protect him saying he is old man and is targeted since he is minority (read muslim) should be ashamed. For I can assure, had the artist been HARICHAND or HIRALAL, the agitation would have been much stronger. The media is to understand, when a mother is insulted you don’t go out to check the nationality or religion of the culprit.

The media comes out with the idea of freedom of expression/ freedom of thoughts / freedom of art, this is just hogwash. Will any of the intellectual allow any of their loved one to be painted NUDE and will they applaud the painting as art (without taking consent of the concerned person).

Right always comes with responsibility, and without responsibility it is abuse of the power and right. Hussain in his capacity painted what he thought, but it was no more than an insult leave aside calling it a art. If he has message or idea behind this painting, which I guess would be as dirty as the person is he, but still let him convey what he wanted to say through the painting.

An artist has to be a good human first, if he insulted the feeling of GOD, and not the myths on blind faith traditions. At this point I would also add that the manner of protest against him was wrong, violent protest is by no means a civilized way. The culprit protestors should be punished, but first Hussain has to be brought back and tried and if possible be given a sentence.

The media is stooped and hypocritical to the core, while if foreign advertisers use the GOD and GODDESS figure on the product or even use GANHIJI as tool of promotion is considered as insult by media. At times they also show GOD in uncivilized manner on shoes or holding cigarettes. Why don’t they give discount to creative advertisers that freedom of expression? Or do media believe that only Indians should insult India Or is it like only pseudo great artist people get the license to insult India.
Disclaimer – I oppose vehemently advertiser playing with religious feeling of any human being.

I am just afraid, these pseudo intellectuals will soon start advocating for PORN as form of expression and art. And if GODESS are to be painted nude, then y der is hue and cry over morphed nudity of celebrity, Hussain didnt took the permission of GOD to paint them nude so does these cyber criminals will not take permission and paint any 1 nude and circulate in name of art. I am not at all advocating this kind of acts, but just making media and pseudo intellectuals what an abuse of "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION can lead to

A monkey face of Micelle Obama is racism, a rant against Shilpa Shetty is racism but the belief in GOD to painted NUDE is art .... WTF, media when will you be using your mind
Certain political party is up in hands to bring back hussain and are advocating freedom of art, my question will they allow Hussain to paint their party leader in uncivilized manner and frame it in every party office? They can’t take a word against their party leader and goes on crying foul, but an insult to GOD of million believers is just an art.

If Freedom of expression is advocated sooo much; then anti-social people giving out hate speeches will also use this right to advocate their notions. The Babri Masjid demolition is crime; it can also be advocated freedom of expression and thought. Can media understand the fallout of their narrow mind and narrow thinking to grab TRP by supporting wrong cause.

I would say get real man! Understand the fine line between progressive thinking and an insult. Everyone has freedom of thought and expression but kindly use it wisely, Its not to please millions and masses, but if your thoughts are revolutionary get up and explain, just by being an artist and you insult and think of getting away is nonsense. I do agree, we should get back Hussain to kick his a$$. A example for other people to understand, that while we salute path breaking thoughts of Taslima we can kick a$$ of person insulting our mother



  2. Nicely elucidated... every word is so true.. great job.

    Sadly, our media refuses to listen to any saner voices. It is a real shame on them. Such disgusting art needs to be condemned.

    - Sudhir

  3. Agreeable thoughts.

  4. Wonderful writeup, the ppl who r propping up these guys r atheists, secularists who have nothing but one aim to malign hinduism, it doesnt matter if they insult the same God or please their God by disrespecting Kaffirs Gods, They have no regards for Gods only for money and trps. These ppl want 2 create sensation promoting trivial issues so that the real ones can be hidden. Similar to Noam Chomskys Manufacturing Consent what these ppl r doing is Manufacturing News and Hiding Real Issues


  5. Absolutely right. If not stopped using nudity to promote art or anything the day is not far when Pepsi/Cola etc. will show orgasm as the ultimate joy their product gives. Will GoI permit or ask Abdul Kalam in Nityanand Ashram?

  6. Nudity is art, no doubt, but there is fine line between nudity as a art n profaneness with the purpose of malignin 1 particular religion. MFH did d same act as he represents culture of IslamoFascists. Ele. Media was bound to fuel petrol to the fire as they only understand the codes of 10 Janpath n every muslim raw is beneficial to Congress.

    Arent we doin d same debating MFH again n again n again, how long r v gonna give imp to diminutive n macula mindset, who is not even worth a word.

    Time and again i hv seen lots of debates over d issue on Twitter, fail to understand how long these debates will go on n on over probs, which even parliament too discuss, n congress alws reckon.

    Time is to think abt the solution n bring it into action. Lets start tht process.

  7. why only Hindu are targetted, because there is no fatwa system here. Can he dare to excercise such freedom with other religions ?

  8. good analogies...

  9. I agree with the views in this Blog. MF Husain's paintings of Hundu Goddesses are deeply offensive to me. They are distasteful and disgraceful. I will condemn them irrespective of who painted them.

    Dr Yadu Singh, Sydney, Australia

  10. @Mbedval : read ur blog; it was reli cool n hv commented it; thnx for sharing

    @Sudhir : Thnk u sooo much; Media is the biggest force to tilt the society thinking in negative manner

    @Ramkumaran: agreed with hands down

    @Dr Yadu Singh: Thank u sir; we think Same

    @Anonymous: Thanx for appreciation

    @T N Khanna : Nice analogy: Thnx

    @Ashwithsky: Luvd ur comment

    @Dr. Mahesh SINHA: U r rite. minority appeasement has turned into violation of HINDUS

  11. I agree dude....The media needs to get its priorities straight

  12. While I completely agree that Hussain's attempts were purely dictated with an intent to create mischief and provoke the Hindus and also that most of the media is biased and so are the pseudoseculars, I would want people on the whole to be more tolerant. Because what lack of tolerance does is to distract our attention from major issues like price rise, rise in cost of petroleum products, farmers suicides, naxal and maoist terror, security threats from across the border, population problem, education, unemployment. Imagine, most of the latter issues are hardly covered in the media!

    Probably if people would not get much provoked we could concentrate on matters that really determine nation's progress. Our overreacting allows the government to collude with the media and distract us from their underperformance and corruption.

    In context of this collusion of the Union government with the media, you might enjoy my latest post - "Spinning yarns to make undies on TV".

    You will find my views on this in my comments on this page (click).

    Keep writing!

  13. It's brilliantly written. Good points1 I was planning to write a satire on this since very long time but couldn't get time enough...
    Keep writing Jemin, I told you, your words reflects honesty and ingenuity... :)

    God Bless

  14. I want to tell Ms. Shobha De how tolerant we (Indians) are. MFH had the guts to paint our gods and goddesses in nude and even went to the extent of painting Bharat mata in the same way (for th so called seculars). We dont want his head but only his apology and an assurance that he wont repeat such acts. We are very different from the people issuing fatwas to the Danish cartoonist. We are not going to weigh his head in gold. Do not consider me of the likes of religious fanatics. I am a right minded and rational individual who just do not want to sit and watch issues turning up. We have to take a stand somewhere. Most of the people commenting here have no affiliation towards any particular hardline religious orgaization. I think you must be surprised to see so many right-minded individuals opposing MFH, if you are liberal enough to do so (better than typecasting people).
    Also a reply to the people of the likes of few, the carvings on Khujraoh temples, some of which are erotic in nature are of humans and not of Hindu deities. The idols inside the premises houses Hindu and Jain deities. Get your facts correct before commenting. This shows how much well informed you are on the topic being discussed.

  15. awesome! well said! given visas, we'll go kick his a$$ in qatar itself!

  16. did his paintings offend me - no because i never saw them ... so i never could decide if they offended me or not... seeing a painting on google doesn't have the same impact...

    Does the idea of nude gods offend me -not particulary .. that is also possibly because i visit temples regularly and see them on carvings all around ..

    Do i accept that there are those who have seen the paintings and been offended by them ... of course ... and the right to protest is as much a right under the Constitution as the right to Express...

    Did M F Hussain have the right to stay in this country and fight ... yes..would the State have been compelled to protect him...yes.. even if was a BJP run Govt.

    but, he chose not to .. that was also his choice...

    Now he is no more ... so all arguments are moot ..

    peace in your life :)

  17. @Harini - Thanks Ma'am - if u would have noticed, my blog was pointing more towards to hoopla created by the pro hussain, n advocating the so called freedom of art in hypocritical manner. I question the deviation i see in lauding hussain's work but jumping to ban something else. As for Hussain's work the discussion and stand was open, and one could take as they wish, however after his death, specific of this case is mooted, bt the debate of hypocrisy should b kept open

  18. An Artist has conveyed his message by Art you still want him to convey or explain?..Did Leonord di Vinci came to you to explain what Monalisa mean?.or did he held any press conference for this?. Even Lenord had his controversial painting the Last Supper.Even Columbus and Galileo was not respected by people when they said truth or shown mirror to society.Lets see our coming generation gets real meaning of His paintings rather than just watching Nude pictures

  19. @Anonymous - who ever u r, if u happen to read this comment, 1st of all relating hussain to that of Galileo, is really far fetched. Also if nudity is to b ignored while appreciating the art, pls take a moment for answering the above questions which are been raised.

  20. Good piece. Nothing can be art if it hurts people by large. Why Rushdie and Taslima were banned? Why govt banned the book 'Mahatma Gandhi - a curse for Bharat' or 'Nine Hours to Rama'? Why they were critical of El Sari Rojo and da Vinci Code? Freedom? Selective?

  21. What MF did is an unpardonable act. And IMO he is no great painter. He Only appealed to the rich & Page3 types. His version of art had no soul. Now that he no more exists, so does his art form.

  22. sita s pic is really really bad