Thursday, January 6, 2011

Supreme Court and its fallacy in understanding the Hindu epic

My blog in response to Supreme Court’s Observation that, Dhronacharya committed injustice on Eklavya, because he was tribal (

While I am no scholar in scriptures, my knowledge to the epic is courtesy to the explanation provided by mom and grand mom in my early years and even now.

Its really saddening to see that mocking hindu religion, its scriptures and epics is the fashion across the society. Politician’s always used and mocked religions for their vested interest. Left liberal are better not talked about. Media is at best left out from this discussion, as for their petty benefits and to please their masters, journalist have gone to extent of calling Lord Rama as divine encroacher. I am pained to see the one of most trusted wing of democracy, Judiciary have started making statements on individual faith without understanding the matter.

The observation that “Dhronacharya had committed injustice on Eklavya by seeking right thumb of Eklavya, so as to benefit Arjuna” is highly misplaced and motivated. Firstly we must understand the respect that is been showered to shree Dhronacharya by Indians as a whole lot and not just Hindus. Dhronacharya award for coaches / teachers in field of sport is considered to be the top most award in the flurry of Bhart ratna’s and Padma shree’s (whose sanctity has been lost courtesy past few winners).

Now coming back to the topic of Dhronacharya and Eklavya, let me try and solve the mystery as I understand. The reason for seeking thumb of Eklavya by Dhronacharya was not because of love for Arjuna. The underline message of Dhronacharya was, Knowledge is the wealthiest treasure and no one can acquire it by stealing and/or without sacrificing. It is fact that Eklavya learnt the art of archery from Dhronacharya without the consent of the teacher. Dhronacharya wanted to instill the importance of the teacher and understanding that wealth of knowledge cannot be stolen but acquired after consent of the giver and also after sacrificing something to acquire that wealth. Hence to give lesson to generations ahead and to avoid misleading of students, Dhronacharya took this decision

The wealth acquired after hard work sacrificed is cherished and respected. Without the step of Dhronacharya to invoke discipline in students, respect to the teachings and teachers would have been far-fetched dream. The student is been endeavored with a heavy responsibility of being disciplined. Knowledge is treated as blessing of GOD, and stealing of this blessing does invite the wrath. However, I would also like to mention that the above statements in no way demean the passion of young student named Eklavya who wanted to learn the art.

The passion of Eklavya has been guiding light for many students and it has to be used as zeal to learn. However any good intent, passion performed beyond the frame work of discipline has to be restricted. The zeal of Eklavya was not off ill intent or to cheat, but the Decision of Dhronacharya had nothing to do with the caste of Eklavya. Yes caste of Eklavya was reason for not letting him inside the guru ashram meant for royal children, which can debatable, but only after studying in depth the reason for it. The zeal of one person can not be used as proof to demean other person's righteous act.

Superficial reading and commenting on scriptures is STOOPID and not required from any quarters of society. The Supreme court is highly respected and looked institution in India, and hence it has added responsibility to act in the similar fashion and casual and not thought out remark can and shall have repercussions beyond the control of law and create distress among the people who feel that judiciary is only their last recourse after politicians, media and police have failed them. Hence it is my personal request that Supreme Court should desist in remarking on faith without complete knowledge on the subject matter

I hope my this tiny understanding of our scriptures can throw light and pave way to pseudo sickular to mend their ways of mocking one of the biggest gift to the world, Sanatan Dharma


  1. Agree with you on this one.

    While I dont have any issues with anyone mocking hinduism or any religion for that matter coz I just dont give a damn about religions.

    But it is definitely sad to see an institution of such high value as the Supreme Court waste its time and worse get in the muddy waters of religion. This is entirely pointless and should have been avoided by the Supreme Court

  2. For once i do not agree to what you have written. I feel you are missing a very important point here... and mocking religion and all... well pointing out a fallacy isn't mocking.

  3. I am not agree with your opinion its ok Eklavya has did mistake he didnt permission of Dronacharya but giving his thumb he prooved himself, I also follower of Hinduism its true ppl r using these topic against hinduism but i want to say one thing tribals r also hindu

  4. @Aditya: Thanx for commenting; actually u rite .. insitution shuld stay frm commenting with superficial knowledge n drag itself in unnecessary controversy

    @sudeepti: my point was to argue with SC tht thr culd b well another angle and SC shuld desist frm commenting without full knowledge

    @manoj: thanks for commenting, while i respect ur disagreement; My point has always been, thr is grey area surrounding Dhronacharya hence he can get benefit of doubt and hence SC shuld nt drag scriptures without having full knowledge about it also when the reference is not required

  5. From when Dronacharya and Mahabharata is a history to Hon sc of India ! If it is a history, then this criticism has some significance, else why they behave like ladies who cry seing starpllus soaps !

    Jokes apart, the real issue is to somehow defame the religion. No one is classified good or bad in Mahabharatha. Vyasa just narrated what had happened during that time, good and bad is for us to distinguish.

    Sage veda vyasa , valmeeki if they were discriminated against by the ruling class or brahmins for thier birth as tribals, we would not have such beautiful scriptures like mahabharata and ramayana !